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108 new contests were posted this week on SerbianaArt. Here is a random selection of 12 of those contests.


Watercolor - Canvas | 30 × 40 cm
On Request

Marija Tabački - Johum

Acrylic - Canvas | 30 × 25 cm

Popov Lena

Acrylic - Hardboard | 40 × 30 cm

Velickovic Snezana

Tramvaj koji kasni
Oil - Canvas | 45 × 55 cm

Ninitaa m

Na minut do mora
Oil - Canvas | 30 × 40 cm

Bigovic Sonja

Acrylic - Canvas | 50 × 60 cm

Bojana Milisavljević Bogić

All rivers flow
Acrylic - Canvas | 60 × 80 cm

Vesna Vučković

Orthodox icon
Egg tempera - Wood | 26 × 36 cm
220 Reserved


Mixed Media - Paper | 30 × 40 cm
25 Sold

Kristina Petronijević

Horizont i snovi 5
Oil - Canvas | 80 × 60 cm

Sanja Dzunov

Acrylic - Paper | 30 × 42 cm

Popov Lena

Acrylic - Hardboard | 60 × 50 cm

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