Hello! My name is Snezana, I'm Serbian artist and teacher of painting for children and adults. I can not imagine my life without art, I work on my paintings every day and I try to portray in my paintings the maximum positive. I believe that art should bring people joy, inspiration and positive emotions, warmth and kindness.

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With respect and love Snezana Velickovic.

The hunger for painting, drawing, writing, has lasted since childhood. For years I have been working with undiminished zeal. Sometimes I don't care what the thematic basis of paintings and drawings is. , forebodings of the new world, erotic symbols, abstract forms of arabesque, invented architecture or fantasy. In everything lies an insatiable longing for creation, for line, line, color.
I love metaphor and symbol and I often use them through the spontaneous birth of images from the subconscious. This is especially true for drawing.
My talent is manifested in all aspects of art — drawing, painting, design, photography, the written word, and more.
I am a big fan of figurative art… Professionally dealing with art, for me it means my life commitment. The artist creates in order to reach self-knowledge, it is a spiritual path.
"An artist, a painter, bends branches like fingers around you, to dry you up and preserve you in the canopy of a more beautiful, colorful world. His masterful hands smell of oil paint, but also of call, behar, bread, motifs and art I do not believe in art without soul, in installations and provocations, in intellect without emotions. I believe in work and gift. That excess of beauty is mine in which I enter all my energy, knowledge, skill of hands and eyes.
I accept contemporary art as a fact, but it does not express anything in the vast majority of its appearance. I do not see any general and humanistic messages in that. The criterion by which someone is considered an artist has never been lowered as today. "

Snezana Velickovic
academic painter

Lives and Works: Serbia, Čačak

Velickovic Snezana joined SerbianaArt on Aug 4, 2011.

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